TCCExEE Testing Certification Center of Explosion protected and mining Electrical Equipment
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LLC "SERTIS-CENTER" is a young company created experts with years of experiense in the field of certification and testing of explosion-proof equipment. Employees worked in the system UkrSEPRO, GOST R, conformity assessment requirements of  technical regulations.     

LLC "SERTIS-CENTER" does not depend on developers, suppliers and consumers; it has the competence required for production certification in accordance with the approved nomenclature.

LLC "SERTIS-CENTER", by its bylaws and adopted code of good practice, guarantees neutrality and independence of its staff and precludes any possibility of administrative, commercial, financial or other influence that can undermine the impartiality of the certification results.

LLC "SERTIS-CENTER"’s conformity policy and procedures provide equal opportunities for all applicants for certification and ensure transparent requirements for LLC "SERTIS-CENTERr" applicants.

LLC "SERTIS-CENTER" offers services for everybody who needs them.

LLC "SERTIS-CENTER" does not set any unacceptable financial or other conditions for an applicant. The services do not depend on the value of the services or applicants’ membership in any associations or groups as well as the certification process does not depend on the number of certificates issued.

LLC "SERTIS-CENTER" ensures that it:

  • does not provide and develop any products that are out of its certification list;
  • does not provide applicants with consultations how to meet the certification requirements;
  • does not provide any services which could break confidentiality, undermine impartiality or neutrality of certification process.
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