TCCExEE Testing Certification Center of Explosion protected and mining Electrical Equipment
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Conformity certification policy

In its conformity certification policy LLC "SERTIS-CENTER" is committed to protection of a customer interests, production safety, environment, life and health protection as well as to high level of operations under conformity assessment procedures  for electrical equipment for explosive environments.

Conformity certification policy of LLC "SERTIS-CENTER"  has the following principles:

  • we are not exclusive operators in the conformity certification market but we make all possible efforts to be the best;
  • our work is impartial, transparent and accessible;
  • we take client’s interests into account;
  • we guarantee the confidentiality of information;
  • we keep good practice and high quality standards in our work with customers;
  • we use systemic approach in finding solutions for any tasks and to any problems;
  • we use process approach towards the management as one of the most efficient;
  • we continuously improve our activity, understanding it as our factor of stable work;
  • we are open to any mutually beneficial cooperation in the field of conformity certification of explosion protected electrical equipment.

According to the conformity certification policy of explosion protected and mining equipment, LLC "SERTIS-CENTER" and its staff shall use the following guidelines:

  • to follow national standards and norms in explosion protected electrical equipment assessment;
  • to carry out conformity assessment in impartial, neutral way, free from commercial or any other interests;
  • to meet terms, conditions and deadlines set in corresponding agreements;
  • to raise the quality and methods of work as well as the qualification of the staff;
  • to offer services and solutions in accessible way, to treat all clients equally;
  • not make unreal financial claims or take any actions against fair market competition.

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